SKOPE Business Ventures was founded in April 2010. Set up by a team of dynamic professionals with successful work careers in diverse MNC organizations, SKOPE Business Ventures gives shape to their passions and dream of building a globally recognized and admired organization.

At SKOPE, we articulate our way of doing business as ‘Discover the Difference’. This difference manifests itself in the professional experience that is delivered in every interaction by each individual in the company with our clients, partners, and people.

SKOPE today has three business lines under its banner. While each business delivers on services that it is a specialist in, a common thread that runs across each of them is their focus on its clients and people. Every interaction with our clients by every SKOPE professional is measured by the value and quality of experience it delivers. That is the reason why our clients trust us and the reason that enthuses us to deliver on the difference!

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