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    Work at SKOPE

    I joined in 2010 and I could not have asked for more. The start up context gave me the opportunity to straddle different rungs of the ladder at a time – challenging for me, but my learning in the process was immense. As the organization grew over the years I also grew immensely in the role I was essaying. It has been a roller coaster ride with bumps and highs which has been truly rewarding!

    - Nuzhat

    Over the years in my professional journey at SKOPE, I have learnt how to convert mistakes into lessons, pressures into productivity and skills into strengths. It is an absolutely enriching work-life experience, working with the mentors you find here.

    - Nimisha

    I believe that SKOPE gives ample opportunities to employees to bloom to their full potential. Freedom to express, freedom at work, close professional relationships in a great friendly environment- this is how I have known SKOPE.

    - Shailja

    SKOPE teaches you more than what you learn in a B School. I learnt the actual meaning and way to be customer centric, quality conscious and result oriented.

    - Sanjeev

    Working with SKOPE means seeing yourself in a completely new light…a light which shows what you are capable of. SKOPE unleashes your potential.

    - Seema

    In my time at SKOPE, I have had the pleasure of working with wonderful people. I especially like the fact that SKOPE has a well-developed culture which promotes cooperation, involvement, improvement, integrity, and trust between people divisions and level. Proud to be a part of SKOPE.

    - Punam

    It has been a pleasure working with SKOPE. As an organization, it has helped me achieve my goals and also provided opportunities for building up leadership qualities and professional skills. I am proud to be part of this organization.

    - Pardeep

    The life at SKOPE is awesome !! I am happy and enjoying working here. SKOPE has given so many opportunities which immensely helped me growing as a professional. Somebody has correctly said ” Successful companies are run by Successful entrepreneurs”. Thanks to Aseem and SKOPE for believing in me!

    - Mandeep

    Working with SKOPE is an enriching experience. The culture here encourages creativity and radical thinking, while always prioritizing high quality performance for our clients. And the best part- It is a never ending journey of self development and learning.

    - Divya