SKOPE Giving

As a sensitive and responsible corporate citizen, SKOPE team is actively involved in helping society and people through NGO’s and direct initiatives. Our community involvements are focused on helping people in the area of health and education through both, voluntary work and corporate donations.


CanKids…KidsCan is a grass root level organization of over 300 people (volunteers and employees) and is the only not for profit in India that works on all aspects to enable best standards of treatment care and support services for children with cancer (age 0-21) and their families from moment of diagnosis through treatment and after into survivorship on the one hand and palliative care, terminal and bereavement support on the other.

‘CanKids…KidsCan’ is a registered charitable National Society, dedicated to Change for Childhood Cancer in India. In 2015 Cankids received its FCRA certification after successfully completing 3 years as an Independent National Society.

SKOPE is on their HR advisory panel, and Aseem is also voluntarily advising leadership team on various initiatives. Also from time to time, we donate for their initiatives.

Sanjivini Society for Mental Health

SANJIVINI is a registered non-profit voluntary organization that has been addressing the mental health needs of our community since 1976. It provides free and confidential counselling to anyone faced with a situation that causes emotional and mental distress.

It began as a small group of self-motivated individuals inspired to prevent people from committing suicide. Over the years it has grown into a sizable institution helping a large number of people with a range of problems other than suicide. Today it runs two centres and has become a major resource centre for other organizations in and around Delhi.

Simi Hanspal, Co-Founder of SKOPE, is a volunteer counsellor and is an active member of the counselling team at Sanjivini. She has dedicated two days a week to support the cause.

Sanshil Foundation

Bagiya is the school run by the Sanshil foundation, which caters to the ‘in and around’ underprivileged children of Gurgaon, by providing and harnessing them with the skills needed to make a difference and be self-reliant. Majority of children coming to the school include children of construction workers, rag pickers, rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors, etc. Ms. Mamta Karwal, the co-founder of Bagiya, explains that their main focus is in providing education and training the children in general hygiene.

SKOPE is associated with Bagiya School to support the children for their needs related to books, uniforms, shoes etc. Team members from SKOPE also intend to add value by visiting and spending some time with the children, educating them on various aspects of life.