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SKOPE provides Business ScaleUp Solutions to business owners who wish to take their business to the next level.At different stages, every business has different set of challenges and requirements and hence SKOPE offers ScaleUp in three unique programs, designed in a highly interactive formats.
The programs aim at creating some powerful personal and business goals, through a blend of intense discussions, activities, unique insights on business building style and talents, cross-learning from other business owners, one-to-one conversations with coaches and most importantly, an opportunity to set time aside for reflection and introspection.

ScaleUp Men: You – Your Life – Your Business || Goa July 2023

Building a thriving community of innovative and trailblazing #entrepreneurs has always been our dream. Hence, with our flagship program called #ScaleUp : You-YourLife-YourBusiness, SKOPE continues to bring together cohorts of entrepreneurs in our Bootcamp one after another. Our most recent Bootcamp, which was in Goa, saw seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners from IT, Real Estate, Telcom Infrastructure, and a few other industries.

Sharing glimpses of experiences of our recent cohort in Goa – moments that provoked #learning, sharing and brainstorming ideas with Simulation exercises, crucial conversations between themselves and with their Coaches, and many more of such activities.

A special shoutout to our extraordinary cohort of entrepreneurs for their determination and unwavering #resilience.

ScaleUp : You – Your Life – Your Business || Women Batch, Goa, February 2023

In February this year, with a 4 day bootcamp in Goa, SKOPE kickstarted this year long journey of growth with 8 amazing Women Entrepreneurs from diverse family and industry backgrounds, committed to catalyze positive changes in their business, and in their personal and professional lives.

As we support these entrepreneurs through periodical discussions and reviews around how are they progressing and Goals they have set out to accomplish for themselves & their businesses, it is inspiring to see these entrepreneurs showing incredible dedication, determination, and resilience. It is a pride for us to see that they have not just been working tirelessly to hone their own skills, and build a stronger, smarter and process-oriented organization around them, but are also equipping their teams and human capital to take their businesses to the next level leaving a positive impact in their respective communities.

Watch this video to feel the impact this powerful program, ScaleUp, can catalyse in entrepreneurial community and the amazing things they can accomplish in the future with introspection, self awareness, and a renewed sense of accomplishments along with continuous learning!

ScaleUp Men: You – Your Life – Your Business || Goa September 2022

#ScaleUp is our signature program that starts with a 4-day bootcamp for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners which runs throughout the year. It is beautifully curated action-packed format that impacts personal goals as well as professional, and encourages the participants to reflect and introspect on different vectors under the guidance of certified Coaches. A “must participate in” for all Entrepreneurs to create a whole new future for themselves and their business.

We completed a super powerful Bootcamp last month in Goa with a new batch of zestful entrepreneurs from different industries. Here is a glimpse of this bootcamp that showcases what this zestful batch of entrepreneurs experienced and what each one has to say about it. The energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and it flowed from one to another leaving everyone charged and geared up for taking the leap and diving ahead onto the path of learning and success.

If this excites you, which we are sure that it will, reach out to us for more details and book your slot for the next batch!

ScaleUp Men 2.0: You – Your Life – Your Business ll May 2022 ll

Here are the glimpses of the ScaleUp: Here is a glimpse of the recent BootCamp at Rishikesh of our signature program ScaleUp- #YouYourLifeYourBusiness

This is a year-long program for #Entrepreneurs with quarterly reviews and starts with a 4-day BootCamp to unwind with a me-time, interacting with other entrepreneurs, conquering your physical or mental fears, and finally create inspiring must wins for the year ahead.

This is the 4th year in a row when many inspiring people and dedicated entrepreneurs got together to have fun, learn, cross learn, and make formidable goals for self, family & business!!

Post the boot camp, the participants are coached and mentored throughout the year. Their journey is tracked according to the defined roadmaps created during these four days.

ScaleUp Women : You – Your Life – Your Business ll September 2021 ll

Here are the glimpses of the ScaleUp: You – Your Life – Your Business! boot camp at Rishikesh for Women. The entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds participated in this program in Sept’2021 with the goal of creating the changes they’ve always wished to bring in their personnel and professional lives.
Post the bootcamp, the participants are coached and mentored throughout the year. Their journey is tracked according to the defined roadmaps created during these four days.

ScaleUp: You – Your Life – Your Business, Goa, January 2020

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”- Marie Forleo.
Here are the glimpses of the 4 day foundation boot camp at Goa, of SKOPE’s first ever women’s only 1 year long intervention, ScaleUp: You – Your Life – Your Business! The 8 entrepreneurs from different family and industry backgrounds participated in the program in Jan’2020 embarking the changes they wish to bring in their personnel and professional lives based on the new found insights about themselves. The eight entrepreneurs will be coached and mentored throughout the year to keep a track on the must wins and defined roadmaps created during these four days to achieve their goals by our coaches Nuzhat Nasreen, a certified gallup coach with 20+ years of experience in L&D and Anna Oakes, a strategic business advisor, leader and coach and CEO, Build High Performing Teams. The aim of this life-changing program is to create self awareness, identify goals, form achievable must wins with defined timelines and overcome not only professional but personal goals as well.

ScaleUp: You-Your Life-Your Business, Goa, March 2019

A 1-year intervention that kick starts with a 4-day Foundation Boot Camp for Business Owners, to create powerful personal and business goals, followed by Quarterly Connects and on-going support.

This transformational journey began with invigorating Self-Awareness, progressed to Recognising Goals and Opportunities and culminated in defining meaningful goals and must-wins. The program focuses not only upon Business, but also on self, family, social life and health.

10 Business Owners from diverse backgrounds and industries participated in this program in March 2019 in Goa. It was facilitated by Aseem Hanspal, a Gallup Certified Coach and Robin Sawan, who has spent 3 decades developing people.

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