High Performance Manager

Did you know your Middle Managers can seriously impact your bottom-line? The productivity of your company or your business unit, is dictated by the youngest, least experienced and least skilled managers in your workforce. The challenges & needs are entirely different at this level of leadership. Middle Managers in today’s business context communicate and operationalise vision of the organization by organising, leading and coordinating resources to get work done. They however are unable to prioritise and execute key deliverables and more often than not struggle to develop their teams. A Middle Manager is the most important enabler of an employees’ commitment to his work place yet they are also the most neglected when it comes to learning and development initiatives.

High Performance Manager workshop is done in two formats- 2-day Workshop and Long-term intervention comprising of a 2 day Foundation Program which is reinforced with on job trainings spread over 90 days(optional). Managers will learn what it takes to build high performing engaged teams, developing self and team members resulting into better organisational performance.

On completion, participants will be equipped with the tools and techniques to drive and engage teams for High Performance. They will:

  • gain insights into his role and deliverable as a team leader.

  • use a strengths-based approach for work place effectiveness.

  • learn the proven technique of Talent-Effort Grid to know team members and lead effective ongoing conversations based on Talent-Effort grid that enhance team performance.

  • learn effective Review & Feedback techniques for high performance.

  • become a better mentor to develop each team member as per his/her need.

70% of employee performance, discretionary effort and engagement is driven by an employee’s immediate manager.
Effective Mangers are 59% more likely to have engaged & motivated teams.

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